Federal Forum

The Federal Forum is an umbrella organization in Israel-Palestine of activists promoting federal solutions to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The group is currently comprised of several activists working together to promote Federal solutions for Israel-Palestine.

Federal Forum Mission Statement:
We believe that:

  1. Federalism is the optimal system of government for a just, sustainable, equitable, and democratic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  2. Between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, the whole land is
    inhabited by diverse cultural communities, including two main national groups.
  3. A federal solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict enables both nations to enjoy self-determination, autonomy, and cooperation, with the benefit of interdependent economies.
  4. Both nations hold a deep and unbreakable connection to the whole land. Both see it as their ancestral historical, cultural, religious, and national homeland.
  5. Both national groups should be able to implement their right to self-determination within one shared historical, religious, and cultural homeland.
  6. We understand that both nations are increasingly interconnected and economically intertwined in terms of infrastructure and ecosystems.
  7. Both nations include diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious communities. In a
    federal framework these diverse communities throughout the land can enrich each other and can benefit from cooperation while preserving their distinct identities.
  8. We are searching for a creative paradigm to design a win-win solution for the benefit of all that balances our needs for autonomy, cooperation, connection, and shared responsibility for the land.
  9. Federalism will recognize and protect minority cultures, providing equal
    opportunities and security for all.
  10. To sustain the resulting Federal Framework, we seek to acknowledge
    both peoples’ struggles and build a shared future founded on trust, justice, and reconciliation.

    Federalism is a system of government that combines a central or “federal”
    government, with other autonomous governments in a single political system, dividing the powers between the two. We are including the whole spectrum between federation and confederation. Federations include countries such as the USA, Switzerland, and Belgium, and today the only confederation is the European Union.

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