The following is a list of sources used to create the Presentation on the History and Genetics of the Jews and Arabs of the Southern Levant for the series the History of Israel-Palestine in search of the Common Narrative. A copy of the presentation slides can be found on the bottom on the page on Mutual Recognition of Indigenous Rights

History part:

Academic sources:

(PDF) Jacob-el in the Land of Esau and the Roots of Biblical Religion | israel knohl –

(PDF) P and the Traditions of Northern Syria and Southern Anatolia | israel knohl –

When Palestine Meant Israel, David Jacobson, BAR 27:03, May-Jun 2001.


YHWH: The Original Arabic Meaning of the Name –

The Religion of Idumea and Its Relationship to
Early Judaism
by Yigal Levin

Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of Semitic languages identifies an Early Bronze Age origin of Semitic in the Near EastProc Biol Sci. 2009 Aug 7

Wadi Faynan, Copper Mine – World Archaeology

Genetic study papers:

The Genomic History of the Bronze Age Southern Levant: Cell

Ancient DNA sheds light on the genetic origins of early Iron Age Philistines

Genomic microsatellites identify shared Jewish ancestry intermediate between Middle Eastern and European populations

Sequencing an Ashkenazi reference panel supports population-targeted personal genomics and illuminates Jewish and European origins | Nature Communications

The time and place of European admixture in Ashkenazi Jewish history

No Evidence from Genome-Wide Data of a Khazar Origin for the Ashkenazi Jews

Extended Y chromosome haplotypes resolve multiple and unique lineages of the Jewish priesthood

The genetic variation in the R1a clade among the Ashkenazi Levites’ Y chromosome | Scientific Reports

Investigating the Sephardic Jewish ancestry of colonial French Canadians through genetic and historical evidence | Liberal Arts and Social Sciences International Journal (LASSIJ)

Counting the Founders: The Matrilineal Genetic Ancestry of the Jewish Diaspora

Y-Chromosome and mtDNA Genetics Reveal Significant Contrasts in Affinities of Modern Middle Eastern Populations with European and African Populations

Israel-Palestine DNA analysis our in-house study on uniparental markers for Jews and Palestinians. 

English Videos

Dr. Ahmad Al-Jallad The Rise of Arabic: From an epic past to an evidence-based history

The Origins of Islam – 3.1 The Christian Context: Syrian Anti-Trinitarian Pre-Nicene Christianity

The Origins of Islam – 4.1 A New Religion: Abd al-Malik & Muhammadanism
What does it mean to be genetically Jewish? with Professor Karl Skorecki

Hebrew Videos

יתרו, משה והאל י-ה-ו-ה — פרק 4 בסדרה מהפכת התנ”ך – פרופסור ישראל קנוהל – באים אל הפרופסורים
מארם נהריים למצרים – פרק1 בסדרת הרצאות מהפכת התנ”ך עם פרופסור ישראל קנוהל – באים אל הפרופסורים
מדבריות הדרום 1050-800 לפסה”ס – נחושת הערבה, דרכי המדבר, הספר הדרומי של יהודה – פרק 17
ממלכת ישראל – תקופת בית עמרי – פרק 19 במסע אל ישראל הקדום עם פרופסור ישראל פינקלשטיין
דמוגרפיה של אשכנזים – ד”ר דניאל סטייצקי
בחיפוש אחר מוצאם של בני ישראל. מחקר על הפרופיל הגנטי של הכנענים בתקופת הברונזה עם פר לירן כרמל

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