Our main proposal is our Jerusalem Union proposal which is based on the two-state solution with a shared capitol District in Jerusalem and the addition of semi-autonomous electoral districts for local autonomies.

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The Jerusalem Union_ Full Proposal (80 pages)

The Jerusalem Union_ Summary Version (11 pages)

The Jerusalem Union_ Overview (2 pages)

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Our Legacy Proposal was called the Eretz-Ard Political Framework and this was the first proposal by the Eretz-Ard group. It involved 16 states in a Federal Union, with 8 of them being Jewish Majority States and 8 of them Palestinian Majority States. This proposal was replaced with the Jerusalem Union proposal when over time we realized that there needed to be a basis in the two-state solution for the proposal to gain wide acceptance. However, we did carry forward with us several of the innovations that we came up with in the development of the Legacy Proposal into the Jerusalem Union Proposal.